Looking for closest digital equivalent of some hand-lettered signage.

@byedit was asking what this was on twitter and it got my interest - it's definitely hand-drawn but wondering if you lot could help ID something(s) similar.

Interesting points about the capitals are the very sharp, slightly obtusely angled long serifs and the overshoot on the heel of the N. (Is heel the right word? Or is it it's knee?)

Fire away...


It's not easy to find a single font matching both lower and capitals...

I think a good starting point for the lower can be "ITC Caslon No.224 Black":

...while a similar starting match for the capitals is "Milano Roman":

The serifs in Milano are of-course smaller and they don't cross the baseline but i think the overall resemblance is good.

I'm not a font expert, I just found some similar fonts using our product Find my Font.