Small caps in lowercase positions > Automate?

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What would you do instead of doing what I'm doing right now? :)

1. Glyph > Rename glyph
2. Remove ".small"
3. Clicking the green arrow to get a unicode number
4. Clicking "Rename next glyph"
5. Repeat for all small caps

It's important that the glyph will be renamed in all OT-code and classes aswell, so just deleting the suffix wont work. I want the kerning to move with the renaming.

Any ideas, much appriciated.

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This may be a dumb question, but why rename them at all? If all the lowercase characters are small caps, does it make any difference what they're named?

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Nick, clever idea! Keep the glyph names as they are, only assign unicode values to "a.small", "b.small" etc. instead of "a", "b" etc.

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Hmm, Wouldnt that also take some time? Sort of the same amount of time it takes to do this little manual process.

Since I dont know the unicode numbers in my head I have to look them up first, and then enter them manually to the small caps slots.

Or is there an easier way?

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It would take some time, but only once ;) You could copy and edit one of FontLab’s naming files (.nam) in /Library/Application Support/FontLab/Mapping so that includes the small cap names instead of the lowercase names:

0x0020 space
0x0021 exclam
0x0022 quotedbl
0x0041 A
0x0042 B
0x0043 C
0x0061 a.small
0x0062 b.small
0x0063 c.small
0x0064 d.small
0x0065 e.small

... and then use this file via the menu Glyph -> Glyph Names -> Generate Unicode to reassign the unicode values in the current font.

By the way, good luck for Letters From Sweden :)

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Ah, I see. Smart.

Thanks for that, and thanks for wishing us good luck. If it doesnt work, I can always start submitting fonts to Google instead :)

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...I could of course also become a psychologist, surely it must work the other way around too.

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