Brand new text family exclusively from P22 - Mackinac Pro

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P22 type foundry proudly announces P22 Mackinac Pro, a brand new font family designed by Mike Beens for the International House of Fonts.

P22 Mackinac Pro (pronounced Mackinaw) spans four centuries of type design, bridging the Old World with the New. This family of four weights and corresponding italics is of old style construction, with a diagonal weight stress. Contrast between thick & thin is modest and proportioned the same for all fonts. The tall x-height recommends itself to a wide variety of text and display uses; including advertising, publishing, signage and packaging.

The P22 Mackinac Family contains 24 styles: 8 Pro styles for applications that support OpenType features and 16 companion styles in basic OpenType format for use with document-based applications. P22 Mackinac Pro OpenType features include: small caps, ligatures, ordinals, numerous figure options and other bonus features. Mackinac supports 56 languages using extended Latin character sets.

For more information or to download the Mackinac Family pdf:

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