Loose leading on BF2 to FL4 export

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Loose leading on BF2 to FL4 export


Testing the export pixel font feature from BF2 to FL, and i guess that the only problem is the leading. In BF2 the leading is fine, but when teh font is exported to FL, and tested as a ttf on the system, they loose the leading. I can

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as usual, without an actual example it’s really to grasp this theoretical case. So my usual recommendation in such a case:

1. Put some screenshots illustrating the problem along with the fonts from BitFonter and FontLab into one ZIP file.

2. Fill in the problem report form http://www.pyrus.com/Font-tools/FontLab-Product-Support/FontLab-Problem-Report/ and attach the file there. If the file is larger than 250K, put it somewhere on an FTP or WWW site and let us know the URL.

This will allow us to resolve the matter quicker.

Adam Twardoch
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