G.K.W. Computer?

Does this exist in digital form? Thanks



Computer from Monotype is close. Most characters look the same, a few differ.

A new version, named "K22 GKW Computer", based on the graphic in your link, was just (Oct 1) created and posted by "Toto" in alt.binaries.fonts.

His fonts normally appear on www.fontspace.com shortly after their initial post. His comments (unfortunately not as an associated readme file) included:

"Here's K22 GKW Computer based on G.K.W. Computer attributed to American Type
Founders in an image of a letter transfer that I have (see attached.)

This is something that I would not normally do but someone told me it hasn't
been done yet. Also when I checked the Solotype Catalog, GKW Computer
matched the sample text for Moore Computer (on page 70) except for the H. I
thought the H might be an alternate but the link to a site posted by
Mindofone in the Auto Mission thread has the character set of Moore Computer
and definitely showed it is not GKW Computer. Only 2 letters differ in the
alphabet but many differences in the numerals and punctuations. "

- Herb VB