Hottest not that hot?

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Is it just me or is the Hottest section on the front page (a) not that hot, and (b) in no particular order?

(Apologies if this has already been pointed out.)

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I’ve already made the Punchcut team aware of this. Seems to have happened when the server switch happened.

For whatever reason, the script is pulling 4-day-old posts. (It also happens to be listing unpublished spam threads!)

I believe the team is working on squashing the bug.

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Cheers, Kent.

I didn't think I could be the first to have mentioned it!


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Doesn’t hurt to have everyone looking out, Nick.

I actually don’t usually go through the front page, so only just happened to stumble across this. But as I say, I think this appears to be just a recent glitch and likely associated with the server move.

There are always nuisancey things to iron out after a move, dontcha know.

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While we're on the subject of glitches, my track user page isn't telling me how many new comments there are (like "2 new" for example). I sound like a right misery.

It needs to be stated that I think the Typophile site is excellent; I massively appreciate its scope and the quality and generosity of those that frequent it. Thank you Punchcut/punters.

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>>>I believe the team is working on squashing the bug.

Big bug, I guess?

Has defeat been admitted on this one?

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