RA Kerning / Ligature Feedback

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Tightly kerning a modified Swift small caps for a heading and ran into a problematic space between the "R" and "A" perhaps caused by the combo of a conservative shoulder and long leg of the "R". I've actually extended the shoulder a bit and taken some of the lean out of the "A" to try to tighten this up.

Was curious what you typographic experts recommend in terms of kerning for this pair.

From top to bottom:

1. Spaced so bottom of characters are spaced consistently
2. Joined legs to create a bowl
3. Shared serif...air between letters looks good but creates tension at the join
4. Clip left serif of "A"..."R" serif takes precedence and reads well, but too close for comfort

Providing the smaller sample b/c sometimes viewing from a "distance" helps...


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I'd go for the #2 or #3. Most likely #3.

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Whatever you do, it should relate to the other spacing, such as between the OB and BR. Kerning is never just between two letters, unless it's a two letter word. The concept is to get the whole thing even. So I would say open up the other spacing...

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Appreciate the feedback... I was leaning towards #3 with current spacing of other characters although I prefer #2 on it's own, so may open up spacing of the other letters to allow for it.


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Second William’s suggestion. This one of the reasons why caps and small caps need often need some extra tracking.

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