Help me to identify the names several typefaces on this book

Heeeelp! I really need to identify several different typefaces from a book. it's a 1988 release, printed using offset lithography method.
*Sorry for using photobucket, The file attacher just won't do the job...

1. What are the names of these two different display typefaces? (for the word "Adventures" and "Wine Route")

2. What are the names of the swash serif used for the on the word "Advetures" and "Wine Route"?

3. What are the names of the serif on the for the body text? it's quite a heavy (but not too much) for a body text with a dark font colour.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!


All the serif stuff is Garamond, and at that date would have been photo type. I'm not sure which Garamond. An "earmark" of Garamond is the angled serif on the left of the T and vertical on the right of the T.

Just checking further the "Adventures," which has some lovely swash characters, seems to be Ludlow Garamond, though I'm assuming it would have been a photo version. The rest may well be a different version of Garamond.

Thanks William, I've already suspected that is some kind of Garamond. But the phototypesetting typefaces are beyond my knowledge. (another thank you for correcting me about which technology was used to print the book)

Now, Does anyone know what are the names of the display types on the cover? (Question no. 1)

Actually, I might be wrong about it being phototype. The text looks a lot like American Garamond, but it seems to me the ascenders are a little shorter than the current version.

I think they probably used Garamond Light Italic (Ludlow) and and Swash ones for the 'A' and 'R' for the inside title, and American Garamond for the text is a good possibility....

I just found out that the WINE ROUTE type is "Empire" designed by Morris F. Benton But I couldn't find any information about the what seems to be an old western saloon typeface for "ADVENTURES", anyone know what is it?

WINE ROUTE isn't Empire, which is more monoline. The thick-thin thing was pioneered by Radiant, though if I remember rightly it was originally a sign painter's thing, and this I think is a condensed version, like this later version: Radiant Extra Condensed Light.

It is Empire:

I don’t know which of the different digitalisation (other than various Empires, it can also be found as Silhouette and Iris) is the best match.

As for Adventures, it doesn’t look like the typical western-style condensed. More like someone added some median spurs to a Century condensed.

You're right Riccardo; don't know why on first glance I thought Empire was more monoline. Just checking, Britannic was 1901, so I was also wrong about Radiant being the pioneer of this thick-thin sans style in type.

It is an unusual median-spurred font - though apparently not the only one styled like that, because a similarly sort-of-century-but-with-spurs typeface adorns Dr Dre's classic album The Chronic:

Umm yeah I'm aware that some sites might make the "Empire" font seem like a monoline, anyway thank you all guys for the tremendous help, still have no idea what the name of the spurred Century condensed, maybe I'll find that out later.