Bellum Regular (my first typeface)

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Hello all!

This is my first time posting here, but it is also my first typeface so I find it fitting.

Any critique would be great.

My intentions on this piece were to keep it modern and neutral
but designed and stylized by logic and reason.

There are many common negative and positive shapes throughout that keep it all together.
But I know it's not perfect yet and I'm still willing to alter it if need be.

It was a style choice to have a low x-height. I know for legibility purposes it's usually a little higher (not at 50% like it is here) , and at small sizes, it feels handwritten.

Also, I've had trouble with the / V/. I want it to be consistent but if anyone agrees, I might go back and look at it again? What do you say?

I've also heard an illustrator friend say he wasn't feeling the /B/ ?

That being said...
Any agreements, glaring mistakes or particular changes that you feel should be made?

Thank you!

WIlling to hear from all!

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Sorry, for some reason an "error500" window kept coming up, so I posted the pics on my blog. here you are:

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Those Amazon S3 links are broken.... Maybe link to their Tumblr pages instead?

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The "B" and "R" seem a bit strange, like there is a little too much weight in the middle, where everything comes together at the stem (I guess this is why the "P" doesn't bother me as much).

Also the "x" looks a little like an "n" to me.

Just my initial reactions.

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Hallo Kyle,

I like this project, your thought way and method it's running well but need refine little details like joinings between curve shapes and straight stems, also adjust little optical details on height open forms like "I" looks tallest than the rest (remind horizontal forms looks darkest than verticals).

I'm interesting to know what's more important to choose letter strokes in type design sketches; the maths geometric logic decisions or optical and perceptual reasons.

Best wishes for you and your project.


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Thank you guys. I'm considering this greatly before selling the typeface. I'll update with changes soon!

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