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Your Sample,(type)are very elegant, but like almost the presents sayds here the terminal of strokes of letters B, R, maybe must have coherenc with all set to give more visual unity.
I like very much of or M but how far you gone apply that descentration of the parts of the letters, you used in more aplications?
This source have very potencial!

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Univers versus Helvetica versus *Unica*, even.


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i'm totally with david. i like both ideas very much. the flat edge
works on the "M" cause there is only one. and the"R" and "B"
have to many. i would close the top of the "R" & "B" and give
the "B" the round corner look at the bottom. my 2¢

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Never let the fact that a design resembles another discurage you. Think Universe vs. Helvetica.

I love what you have. Finish it up and get it out there. One comment. I'd look at the stencilish B and R and make it more cosistant with the rest.

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I made one of those "remarkably similar" fonts, called OGRA, and also found a few other fonts that follow the same idea after it was published by fountain in 1997. I think your design is way more interesting then mine. Eventhough I'm not a fan of stencils, you should maybe continue with that style in the other letters to keep your design further apart from the other, similar fonts.

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Then again, there's always the option of producing two companion fonts: one solid, and one that explores the stencil theme. It would double the versatility of an already interesting font.

David Thometz

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