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Details magazine "September" sans serif - designed by Hubert Jocham {Ole}

Hi all,

Anyone know who designed the lovely sans serif used in Details magazine? I believe it’s called September.

(The serif face is Jeremy Tankard’s Enigma, for those scoring at home.)



I’ve not seen the face you’re referring to, but Rian Hughes (www.devicefonts.co.uk) did a face called September recently.

I’m not familiar with Details either.
But here’s a sample of Device’s September:


Dunno about September, but I know they have used Phil Baines’s sans Toulouse for a long time. I think they are still using it. Don’t think it is commercially available.

Details fonts are designed by

Ole, what a great link. Sweet stuff to brighten any Monday.

While on the subject of magazines, see the use of the Alias face Metsys all over the latest Rolling Stone. (Shakira issue)

RS designers refrained from using any lower case so we don’t get to see the Metsys lc ‘t’.

see fontworks UK site.



Thanks, Ole, for solving the mystery. And what a beautiful site Mr. Jocham has created!

I have reworked the Metsys face for various projects I have done over the past couple of years. I will upload a few samples when I get a little more time.