First post: some new graffiti fonts

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Hi everybody, first post here! I love graffiti fonts; here are my latest:

I used a wacom to draw these in Illustrator, then copy/pasted into fontlab. I wish I could just work in fontlab, but it doesn't do the brushy/pressure thing I need, AFAIK

I can post .ttf files if anyone wants to install. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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nice stuff, will you make the rest of glyphs as well? i was wondering, how do you copy paste from illustrator to fontlab, i mean the proper way.

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Thanks Claire! I did a quick video tutorial on how I do it:

Not sure if it's the "proper" way, and I do notice that fontlab slightly changes my beziers, but I'm still satisfied with the result.

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The font file for the first preview is now at if you want to download and take a look!

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Here's a preview of "Guppyquick", the second of those:

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IMO... doesn't really look like anything I've ever seen in graffiti.

Perhaps why it doesn't work for me is that graffiti lettering is as diverse, as say, beer, and like beer, your major locales have their own flavor of graffiti that are largely the sum of the dominant cultural influences of these places.

While there are some really cool letters in your alphabet (I really like your Q and your period), I think it would help to learn a bit about the things that influence graffiti letters rather than trying to pigeonhole graffiti into a certain look.

For example, LA graffiti draws a huge influence from gang graffiti, much of which is rooted in Gothic letters. Combine that with the need to do it quickly on public spaces and the limitations of spray paint, the form itself began to evolve. Artist Chaz Bojorquez took what kids were doing on the streets and combined it with the techniques of Chinese calligraphy to take it to another level.

And LA graffiti is vastly different from stuff on the streets of NYC, Sao Paolo, Philly, etc. It's good to know what makes em different as much as what they have in common.

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