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The results of the inquiry can be read at You can download PDF too. It is quite interesting...

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The Top 100 Types of All Time

Maybe everyone has ready seen this.

It is a list compiled by Paul Shaw, a partner in LetterPerfect Fonts.

It's a great list. Does anyone know what his criteria was? Just curious.

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isn't coolvetica a bad ripoff of an already bad typeface?

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Hobo's not on there?!

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I don't know about this group talking about what fonts to bring to a deserted island.

i think you guys need to get...

okay first off id bring these to the island

1. silkscreen - a legitimate bitmap font useful
2. swiss721 - a beatiful title sans
3. zapfdingbats - my most favorite dingbats of flowers.
4. coolvetica - free and fun for the fonter on the go

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Can anyone give me a link to download Snell Roundhand Script for free?

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Yes it is!
I was particularly struck by the statistical divergence in the fonts chosen.


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