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Svenska illustrat

Here is a font from a book published in Stockholm in 1972 (Bo Berndal designed the cover). I would like to find out the name of this font.
Thank you



Sbo’s got the right idea. In the meantime, I’ll

It seems he may have made judicious use of Avant
Garde’s alternates. As far as I know, URW is the
only foundry to distribute these in digital form.

Go to http://www.urwpp.de/english/schrift/wahl0-set.htm
and search for “Avant Garde”. I see the ‘v’, ‘e’,
and ‘c’ in the Avant Garde Gothic Alt book. The
‘t’ could be customized with minimal effort.

Sadly, URW now charges 5

I’m not sure I’m sad.
Maybe it means that a completely new font sales model has been born, and mother & child are doing well.


Interesting. I hadn’t looked at it in this light.
URW is essentially offering fixed settings
of type for a small fee as an alternative to
licensing the entire font for a larger fee.
I can dig.


It’s not unlike what Solotype has done for years with their wood/metal/phototype library. (Of course, they’re the ones who, with Dover Press, put out all those US$6.95 paperback display type specimen books.)

For a fee, they will typeset/design anything you want from their VAST collection of old wooden, metal or photo type. They still get a lot of work from the major magazines, as I understand.

And yes, they have the full Avant Garde Gothic character set — after all, it was designed specifically for phototype systems. My bet is that the sample you found is indeed Avant Garde Gothic, and was set by phototype (perhaps even by the folks at Solotype).

My second guess, based on the date of publication (1972), is that is could have been hand set by the old Letraset transfer lettering system, which also offered the complete range of Avant Garde Gothic alternates.