Specific typographic design education

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i'm a portuguese student finishing a graduate in graphic design.

Since the begining i'm really interested in type design and i'm looking for a post graduate (or something else) specif in typographic design.

i have heard about Reading(UK) and some other i dont remember the names placed in Netherland (Aia) I think!?!!

does any one know anything about these or other good courses?

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Although I was actually a part of the 'historical' MA at Reading, I did observe and participate in some of the Type Design MA seminars/lectures. I would highly recommend this to anyone serious about learning about type design.


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There's a "Typo/Graphic" MA course at the LCP, but it seemed more graphic than typo when I went to the graduation show a couple of years ago.


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The Royal collage of Art is at: http://www.rca.ac.uk/

The only art/design college I know of in Clerkenwell is the LCP site at Back Hill, referenced above.

I would imagine that the "Norwich School of Art" is in fact in Norwich, about 100 miles from London.


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Hello Ruben, I'm not a expert about your question but I know that our compatriot Jorge dos Reis studyed at Royal college of Art, Clerkenwell and the Norwich Scholl of Art in London. Try to get the links of this schools and good luck for the informations. For your unhappiness we don't have a graduation or a post graduate in typography Design, in my case I have been learning alone and make some contacts and feed-backs here with the typophile community. I think we must join forces to get a strong typography environmment in our country!. See you soon and best Regards from your typography neightbour.

Um abraço / Ricardo Santos

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