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Quka beta version 1.2

More info and a downloadable beta version here:
http://www.angeljusto.com/typ e/quka.html

I would appreciate any comments. But I would particularly like to receive any tips on technical issues from that rare species (read "long

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This is pretty cool!
Your lc "a" is a form I've actually been thinking about myself: it reduces its minimum vertical space from 5 to 4 units.

Some suggestions:
1. Try giving the UC "J" an upward curl on the left.
2. Make the UC "Q" more of a "Q".
3. Make the "heads" of the numerals 4 and 9 bigger.

I'd love to see this font succeed!


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I'm digging it. This is sort of a minimalist take
on the "Computer" or "MICR" types. See:

Here are some that take your same route:

Ditto on the numerals. See the 'P' and 'R' for
Hrant's meaning.

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Thank you everyone for your comments. It's been really helpful and nice to see that other people like Quka. It gives me encouragment to work even harder on this face!

Hrant: I note down your suggestions. I will give them a try. I was already doubting the UC Q. I have to do something with it.

Stephen: Thank you for the links. It is always helpful to study other similar faces and see how the designer has solved the problems.

David: Yes, i know, the tilde is not actually a tilde. But i couldn't find a good way to do it. I wouldn't really like to do a traditional curved tilde, but maybe i will have to.

I am going to catch a flight to England today, and I will be "offline" in lovely Oxford until 2nd January. So Merry Christmas and enjoy yourselves!

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Angel - Here's another to look at:


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I agree with Hrant and Stephen, especially on the uc "Q". In the word "Quka," the "Q" reads more like a "C". I suspect this would happen in other settings as well.

Also, your tilde (~) over the "N" and "n" could easily be confused with a macron (¯). While context would help distinguish the two, and the macron would probably be rarer in use, I still think the tilde needs the swooping curl to distinguish it.

Otherwise, I like the forms you've developed. The "@" is great. Also, the distiguishing touches you worked into several of the similar-looking characters (such as "B", "P", "K", "R" and "X"; also "k" and "x") seem to be working effectively.

Also, as with Hrant, I like the lc "a" a lot.

I, too, would like to see this one succeed. I can already think of some uses for it. :)

Good luck!


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