North & Clybourn lettering

I'm looking for the typeface of the old lettering for the Chicago train stop at North & Clybourn.

Different Angles of the lettering:

I'm mostly looking for what the ampersand is. I would assume it's whatever the letters are.


I found 3 matching fonts which look exactly the same
and I don't know which one is the original design..
They are:

=> Brassfield [Regular] - Copyright 1991, Atech Software, Carlsbad CA
=> Endangered [Regular - (C) 1991 Sterling Court Publishing
=> Zaandam [Regular] - (C) 1994 Brendel Informatik GmbH

I attached an image of the ampersand to take a look


PS: I found them using Find my Font -

That ampersand is different. The curve at the top extends too far downward and in the photo the cross bar on it curves outward a bit. Close, but not the same.

You maybe right...
The ampersand is not very clear due to the angle the photos were taken.
All other letters seems to match very well to the above typefaces.

No more suggestions or help on this subject?

The 3 fonts listed above are most definitely not correct matches.