Race for the cure

Can anyone ID the font?


A blurry Dax?

FF Dax is a possibility. Customized DTL Argo Medium Italic is another …

DTL Argo is very close but I found a clear picture of the same logo. I appreciate your expertise, thanks! Definately custom r, not a great job. But that grotesque cap 'R' and registered symbol makes me wonder what font it is! Oh wait, thats a different font for "FOR THE" and the reg. symbol of course.

Renko -- brilliant -- I believe it is DTL Argo Med Ital with custom 'r' and the terminals of the a, n, m and u cut off. k cut down and g made out of a cap G.

Still not sure of the font of "FOR THE" and "®". Very close to Antique Olive Ital, but not the right 'R.'

Thanks very much. Argo is a beautiful font.