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here's something I did for my typography class looking at the intersections of type forms in 3 dimensions. This is not an original idea, but I was really interested in making a tool to experiment with the concept. Here's the link :

need java 1.1, IE browser, non osX yet....

I'm a little bummed with 5*5 type and am looking at alternatives. Right now, thinking of fonts which mix squares and triangles (like european train signs). Any thoughts?


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Congratulations - a superb execution of this type of thing.

As for alternatives to your 5x5 grid: what if each letter is a 2.5D shape? Like the "O" would be a pipe (with some thickness). The math is of course much higher level (not to mention the rendering), but you could make an online interactive version of the cool stuff in that little "Dimensional Typography" book - you know it?


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