Need font ID

What are these 2 fonts, please?



Looks like «Annals» is Elli:

…and perhaps Cochin for TACITUS? (Those are fake small caps BTW)

The first one (TACITUS) can be:

Thesis SSi [Regular] - Copyright c 1992 Southern Software, Inc.
Cochin LT Std [Roman] - Copyright © 1989, 2002 Adobe Systems
Engravers' Oldstyle 205 [Regular] - Copyright 1990-1999 Bitstream Inc

All three matches the TACITUS text except of the apostrophe '
which seems to be taken from another typeface.

The second one (Annals) is: Elli [Regular] (c) 1993 Jean Evans


PS: I found them using Find my Font utility -
PS2:Nina you are so fast! :-)

This is great. Thanks so much!