Simple codegraphik logotype sans

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this is my first attempt at a font, it is being created for a logotype that I am working on... started as a series of letters drawn on graph paper completed the set in illustrator a few days later...


simple codegraphik logotype sans

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Hi Anonymous,
here is something that might interest you:

It is the Chalet type by House Industries.

Or, you could have a look on the Lineto site. They are specialists, when it comes to geometric/constructed type:


PS: making a Geometric type is good to learn the raw basics about type design. But making one that stands out against all the others is not easy.

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Can you reveal the type of company it's being
designed for? It's intended use will help us all
critique it's appropriateness as well as it's

Just a suggestion.


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it is my personal graphic design DBA (doing business as) check out the latest version of my website in progress at the logo will emphasize the combination of visual and systematic though... left brain meets right brain...

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This looks like a combination of Futura and Bayer's "Universal". It often helps to look at the work of other designers, so take a gander at these:

Aesthetically, I'd say that the horizontal bar of "f" is a bit short (so is the "t"'s), the missing dot on the "j" is great, the "k"'s upper arm should reach the x-height, the "r"'s beak is too big, the "s" is too flat/wide, and the "t", "v" & "z" are nice.

Technically, I'd point out that you really need to taper the joints (like between bowl and stem in the "b") at least a little, to avoid clotting. Like this:

But I see a bigger problem: this design is very mechanical (your "systematic thought"), which might be OK except it doesn't convey the balance you say you're shooting for. You might consider putting some quirkiness in each character, either structurally (like giving the "z" a descender - although the "z" actually has a lot of flair already), or in terms of finish (like giving the terminals some calligraphic inflection).


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