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Has anyone had experience making a font installer? I.e., something for customers that puts the font files in the right location when you double-click on it.

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My favorite Installer/Manager/HTML Page Exporter/Sample Printer...

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IIRC, the Blaktur CD by House Industries came with an installer. Shouldn't be too hard to build on a Mac if you have the dev tools installed. I don't know about other systems though. There probably will be users who need to install the fonts on a system you haven't thought of ;)

Personally, I don't like installers. Just give me the plain font files ;) But for novice users it may be easier than to install fonts manually.

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Why would anyone be using a font installer in 2011? On Windows Vista, 7, and all version of Mac OS X the system includes tools for installing fonts, either through double clicking on by selecting the fonts and using a menu to install them. It is not possible to make the process easier.

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There are still some stupid bugs when it comes to installing fonts. For example, on Windows 7 you still can't drag a font from a double-clicked zip file into the Windows fonts folder. You have to drag it to another folder first, and then into the fonts folder.

On Mac OS Lion the user's fonts folder is inside the hidden Library folder.

I never use the »double click and then click the install button« way, but I agree, if users can double click on an installer, they can also double click on the fonts ;)

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Thanks, Jens. I did not realize that Microsoft was still hiring such terrible coders.

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