First font face "Hallo", Let me know what you think

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This is my first font. Created from a 'grid'. I wanted to create a font where you can connect all the letters with each other. It didn't really became that but I continued working on it anyway.

The 'grid' is build from circles divided in four pieces. I added circles until I could make all letterforms. Vertical strokes where added but no horizontal strokes because this would removed the 'flow' from the font. (For the capitals I did add horizontal strokes but used as many curved forms as I could. This all resulted in the 'grid' (second image) witch I used to build all the letters from.

This is the result, any tips, feedback is really appreciated.
Download available under the post.

Cheers Heyman

Download TTF font Hallo Click Here

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I like it, but I think you could actually completely remove all the horizontal strokes from the capitals to make something more interesting.

I'd reconsider the ascender on the /d/.

/v/, /w/, and /z/ seem alien to me.

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Hi Bendy,
Thanks voor your critique! I added the horizontal strokes because otherwise the capitals would be very narrow. I could also change the curve on the capitals, keeping them wider but still with a circle shape. I'll try that, I'll make the narrow version as well.

The /d/ was an idea i got from old gothic /d/ shapes but i guess that's not showing.

I agree on the /v/ /w/ and /z/. But should I complete leave the grid?
Thanks again!

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Nice work! However I do think that when a font is made from such a rigid geometric system, it loses some of the personality characteristics that would otherwise really help it stand out.

I'd recommend exploring at least 1-2 more treatments and infuse those in, especially in the awkward shapes that Bendy pointed out. Be brave! Leave the grid, or better yet, find another piece of the design vocabulary that still somehow fits with the grid you've created, and conveniently solves the awkward moments.

Your font will be better off for it.

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Jared, thank you for your advice! I'll continue working on it. I'll post my progress here.

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