Things Remembered: new Typeface

I am most interested in the serifed typeface used for "Things Remembered", but if you know the others used, bonus points =) Thanks!


Hi Whitney,

I thing "THINGS REMEMBERED" is Arrow Font - (c) 1990 Image Club Graphics Inc.

while "Celebrate..." is P22 Cezanne Regular - P22 type foundry. Copyright (c)1996 Philadelphia Museum of Art. All rights reserved.

PS: I found them using Find my Font -

My guess would be that this is a (rather awkwardly) reconstruction of a serif font from scratch. The tiny serifs and awkward curves say "amateur" to me. And maybe a hand-done rip of P22 Cezanne for the tagline. But I could be wrong.

It is Arrow as Fivos said. It is lousy and amateurish as Craig said. Yet inexplicably popular.

Thanks! My client is looking for something with small serifs, but right now she is wanting me to use Dream Orphans. As I refuse to use a typeface that only has serifs on one of the glyphs, I wanted to find a good alternative. Although, now that I am looking at Arrow, I completely agree. Any other good alternatives?

Side Note: The kerning in Arrow is an abomination.

Beaufort would be a nice option. I've used it with great results for print work, both at text and display sizes.

Some similar to Arrow (having small serifs):

Basilea Font,
Llewelyn Light SF

...though I don't know the quality of them.

It looks like the TIME magazine typeface - another one I hate!

fvilanakis thanks for helping with the font ID but having a link to your commercial product in ever post might be seen as Spam sooner or later.


I use the link to our commercial product more or less as a signature, as I didn't see any term in the Typophile Forum Posting Guidelines ( to forbid it and I see also other users to do it.

If you think this is an abuse of the typophile forums, I 'll promise to stop it.


Thank you all so much for the excellent alternative suggestions!

Arrow is an old Headliners International face. Treacyfaces acquired the rights to that library years ago and markets some of them including Arrow (as TF Arrow). (Don't bother with the italic. It's pretty bad. It wasn't part of the original design, but was added more recently.)

Actually, Arrow Italic makes for an instructive story - there's actually two of them, and they took turns: the first one was a mechanical oblique, then Joe figured to make a "proper" one. Except his customers were outraged and wanted the original back!


Well, it's the "proper" one that I don't think is very good (sorry, Joe, if you're reading this). There's certainly a subjective element to inventing an italic for a face that never had one, and I'm not sure how I would do it. But he did some things in it that look like they were borrowed from his other faces like Forever that I don't think fit Arrow's look look and feel. (Oblique doesn't do it, either.)