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We will be glade to meet our colleagues, Typographers/Type Designers/Printing Experts in Bibliotheca Alexandrina's Fourth International Symposium for History of Printing and Publishing in the Languages and Countries of the Middle East, Alexandria, Egypt.

Five Aratypo group members are scheduled in the program with their technical contributions in Arabic Typography; four other members will be alson present to share their newly developed projects.

Tag Al-Ser Hassan\Al-Mamoun Ahmed
New Horizons for Arabic Printing Fonts: Resurrection of the Aesthetic Heritage of Arabic Calligraphy in Designing the Letters

Mohamed Hassan
The Printed Manuscript Book: A Study of the Philosophies of Printed Texts from a Manuscript Origin in Egypt in the 19th Century

Nehad Nadam
Digital Arabic Fonts: Beginnings and Evolution

Badr Oraby
Problems of Computing the Qur’anic Text and Visions of the Solution

You are the most welcome!

PS. During the symposium, we will daily share the most important information, keep tuned!

Download program:

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Really, We will be glade to meet you there.

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It was a good event and good chance to meet a constellation of Arabic Calligraphers & Typographers.

I tried to make a report about this event here:



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Cirque Ara typo foregather,Testking MB2-866 members are regular in the package with their abstract contributions in Semitic Typography,Testking 646-046 quaternary opposite members give be also recognize to percentage their fresh formed projects.

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