Newspaper Headline Fonts a Survey

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Newspaper Headline Fonts a Survey

This is an article about Newspaper Headline Fonts. What bothers me is they made their conclusions based on extracting the information from posted PDFs. I think that could skew the results any thoughts? Its also only US papers

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Joined: 8 Jul 2003 - 11:00am

The study is clearly titled as being US papers only.
(So it’s not like the World Series.)

Any paper, anywhere, can post their front page PDF to, which Ascender Corp. used for their study data.

Yes, the study is skewed, but Ascender’s work is self-sponsored, and they had to draw the line somewhere. it is not a massive study such as the Poynter Institute might undertake (which would still probably focus on the US, but would no doubt include papers who don’t post on Newseum, and weeklies). SND would be more inclined to do an international survey.

It is quite ingenious of Ascender Corp. to use Newseum and PDF font-info to come up with this information, no matter the skew.

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Joined: 19 Jul 2004 - 6:31pm

Having seen the initial results, we helped to unskew them a bit but were otherwise uninvolved until they published, which happened ironically enough at the Poynter Institute.

This was, in my opinion, and among other things, a brilliant, quick and easy way of getting a survey of what newspapers who post on newseum, use.

We did however notice a number of users who failed to install fonts beyond the alphatypes, and also found a few un~~~~~~~~ed users.

It also points out that there is a lot work in this seemingly tiny slice of market, partly because there are a lot of new papers world wide, but also because display type churn is a great slow constant…someone, somewhere, is always looking for good newsworthy display faces.