Need suggestions TYPES and PERSONALITIES

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Need suggestions TYPES and PERSONALITIES

these typeface were human, what personality would you think they will be. (male/female/personality/attitude/occupation) I really want each of the types to relate to fashion somehow. Could be...Couture, Avante Garde, ...but yeah (if its not possible its okay)....tell me what you think.
Here are the types.

modern n.20 /in my opinion/ (strong women. and she have some sort of secret but she won't tell)
avant garde bold /in my opinion/ (no effin idea)
didot italic light (sophisticated, and very fragile ballerina,
verlag condensed bold /in my opinion/ (no idea)
palatino men in suits with cigar...a little bit of d&g feel..

please please tell me what you guys think. :( i am stuck.
Thanks a bunch.