Who are you as a Designer?

Greeting Fellow Designers,

I am a student who has recently been asked a question, "What role do we as designers play in our society?" I was reading a similar blog on this website and there were well informed and very useful comments that were insightful. Then there was a lot of bla bla bla about junk. The point of me asking this question is to engage designers in asking themselves this question. We can all be cynical and say that you work in books because you would be selling your soul in advertising. But as a student I feel like most of what I am reading I feel is jaded.

My question to the long time professionals and the just out of school "greenies" is how do you feel you make a difference through your design, and what industry do you feel like you can make that difference? Please don't respond if you are going to write junk about Nazis or Communism, I am only interested in a real conversation about your "personal mission statement" and what you feel good design and making a difference is about to you.

Sincerely, SaveGirl101


I guess this is better than any "real conversation" that you didn't get...