Why leadership?

Why is leadership so important in the graphic design field? Some of the perks to this business is to be able to sip coffee in your pj’s and go to work. In some of my research I have found a few journals that suggest that designers need to be more proactive in their field, by getting to know the firms that contract your services. This, made me think, that in order to be a leader in your field you need to pick and choose who you work for. However that can be super hard to do in this economic uncertainty. For those of you on this cite who are leaders in their field, how did you get there, what are some tips on how to navigate your clients and keep your artistic integrity. I feel like we can make great strides in our field by being proactive with our clients, by getting to know who they are and meeting their needs, but there is so much more to a good relationship with clients then just meeting their needs.

What do you think?

Thanks for giving your input and helping a student gain useful insight!