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My MATD Blog

I'm now in Reading starting the one-year MATD course, and just in case anyone's interested in following my progress, I've started a blog over on Tumblr. A Year of Type Design will chart the excitement and challenges of my studies.


Link doesn't work.

Thanks Riccardo, it's fixed now.

Works fine from here.
Good start Ben! :D

Cool, Ben. Good for you.

I envy you the focused immersion and access to resources (although, not necessarily all the coursework itself ;-).

Enjoy yourself and milk it for all it’s worth!

Thanks! I'm gonna figure out how to get a nicer Tumblr theme. Yeah, the workload is going to be huge, I just hope I don't get completely submerged and have no time to blog.

Although we potential spectators surely appreciate the thought, that should probably not be your primary concern. <8-)

Enjoy every minute there, Bendy!

For anyone interested, my typeface project, Lumen, is now posted to my Behance portfolio.

Good work, Bendy!

As you know, I find this work quite impressive.

No public view of your magic arrows? :-)


Ha, I know. They didn't really fit the Behance format. Think I'm going to write a blog post about that, as I want to do justice to the idea before offering it for critique.

Chris, thank you! :)

Hrant, finally: Between black and white

A big hug to you my friend.


Thinking about your method more deeply, I realize that a good way to see it is as ligating the limen - the border between black and white (noting that type design is essentially liminographic). This is in contrast to Legato, which attempts to ligate black and white in parallel.