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Rook Preview

As is the case with many others on this site, this is the first typeface I have attempted to immortalize in binary code. I feel it is quite different from anything I have seen. Taking a page from architecture, the wine glass, and Tuscans (type, not people) has led me to here. As you can see there is a distinct lack of lower case; that is soon to come.

Right now, I would consider this a Titling face, but I do have intentions of developing a full featured family including, of course, text. Specifically, I would entertain suggestions as to how this could be accopmlished; some of the details seem too fine and eccentric to carry across to a face intended for small sizes and I am unsure how to rectify this.

Of the letters shown here, M and N are giving me trouble.

Your feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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I think you've stumbled upon something quite original. I really like the feeling of this face and will look forward to seeing the lowercase and eventual text weights of it.

Looking at it now, the M, H, and T seem too wide to me but like the shape of them. Also, on the C, it seems to be the only glyph you've used the round end on the bottom and could be inconsistant with the rest of the face. Either try integrating it more into the face or ditch it entirely but it may be too inconsistant on its own.

Regarding the N, it seems that without some sort of wider ending serifs it looks like its from another weight of this family. I'd try to keep the feel you've got going and integrate wider tapers and serifs in it.

Overall for your first digitization of an original typeface, it looks very nice. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of the family.

I'm not certain what direction the lowercase could go in from here? Feel free to chime in if you have suggestions gang . . .

Keep it up, looking nice!

Stuart :D

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Corvine Preview

I finally found some time to do the rest of the uppercase and make some changes. This is turning out to be slower going than I thought it would be.

Also, I'm considering changing the name to Corvine. Although, that may reserved for a family name, and have complimentary faces within the family named Rook, Raven and Crow. Just something I'm tossing around for now.

S gave me a massive headache and I could use some suggestions on how to make bezier curves behave; it seems like everything I try makes it really lumpy. I'm also aware there are minor weight issues throughout and I think X, Y, M and N might be too narrow, but feel free to let me know what you think.

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Hi Michael,

Some thoughts:
- I think the N and M are ok for width.
- The X and Y are indeed narrow.
- Weighting issues: I think your main weighting problem is with your thin strokes. They are inconsistant, even within characters. For example. The top, bottom and crossbar of the E, all three different. The | and / on the M etc. Unless you are really going for a three weight font, I'd suggest optically adjusting everything to two weights.
- Check your U. It should be consistant with your diagonal stress.
- Also your J. The bottom is heavy/awkward.
- The S: The s is a thing of symmetry. The first thing I do is drop in guides to help me. All the bezier curves that make up the spine should run parallel to these guides. The diagram in the lower right is a sabon bold outline. Start with these points. Notice how symmetrical the handles look. Yours may look a little different, but should still be symmentrical. After you have the spine working the way you want it. Add in the blue points (keep a version without them for making changes). Oops, I just noticed my topmost and bottom most points... they should be slightly staggered like the sabon example because of the diagonal stress.

Things I notice about your S:
- It's rocking backwards. Extend the bottom to the left. The final letter should fit inside a trapazoid (you've got a parallagram).
- Your stress is different on top and bottom. This gets really obvious when you put the guides in!

I spent the time because I think you've got something nice happening here. Hope it was helpful. Good work.


The Dreaded S

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Michael - agreeing with the comments above. Nice work
so far.

I'd look at the X and the Z, too.

The Z seems a little bit too angled/laid back.

The X - maybe the stilts or teacup-serif-thingies
could be splayed instead of upright.

I see this working well for book titles.

good luck


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I'd like to see the characters with wine glass stems to have alternate characters. I might want to use the "A" without stems if I'm spelling "SHAM" for instance.

I agree with BJ about the "Z"

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Rook is a nice art nouveau typeface.

Does Rook have a lowercase?
Any word on its releas at

Yours truly,

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