Opentype features, Its can be combined?

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Opentype features, Its can be combined?

Hello. I hope find you well!

I have a dude about programming some glyphs with OT features, for various alternates of any letter. For example, I have a J, it is the normal or simple version. Then, this J can be down in its trace of baseline, thinking in a J swash. However, I programmed it J swash using feature with this code:

feature swsh {
sub J by J.swash ;
} swsh;

Now, I have a new version for J with a extended curve to left, thinking for a initial version, however, it was programmed with:

feature init {
sub J by J.ini ;
} init;

For one third version of this J, that can be swashed and extended to left for only initial versions, how can I program it mixing both features, initial and swash? Can it be possible?

My English is not very fluently, I am Spanish-speaker, I hope you can understand me.

Thank you.


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If the init features comes after the swsh feature, wouldn't it work to simply add
sub J.swash by J.swash_ini;
(or whatever you've named the new character)?

If it were me, I would probably put the descending /J/ into a "stylistic alternate" feature (salt or ss01) rather than swsh, and I'd put the initial forms in swsh instead of (or in addition to) init.

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Joined: 16 Oct 2008 - 10:20am