Adobe acquires Typekit!

For those of you who might not be following the Adobe Max conference right now, they announced this morning that Adobe has acquired Typekit!

From Typekit CEO Jeffrey Veen's announcement email:

"Just a few moments ago, Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch took the stage at their annual MAX conference and explained the company’s Creative Cloud strategy. Part of that announcement is very big news for us: Typekit has been acquired by Adobe.

We are thrilled. There honestly is no better place for us to continue building our platform. But perhaps even more significantly, this represents a huge step forward in bringing fonts to the web...

... If you’re one of our customers, this announcement means things will only get better. Typekit will remain a standalone product, as well as become a vital part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Our team will stay together, and we’re excited to start working on even easier ways to integrate web fonts into your workflow.

From the start, our vision has been to make the web more beautiful, readable, and fast. Joining Adobe will give us the opportunity to do that at an even larger scale. This news doesn’t mean we’ve crossed the finish line. Actually, we’ve really only just completed the first lap. The race to improve the web will only get faster. I hope you’re enjoying the ride."

Official Press Release here:


Congrats! I look forward to what's ahead.

OK, I'll bite . . . Big news, absolutely! But, does it really change anything for font makers? Adobe hasn't been in the font distribution business of 3rd party fonts since, 1990s?

Well, they are again now!

(Aside from the fact that they still distribute lots of 3rd party fonts under deals they struck in the 90s.)