has typophile been down, or what?

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i expected a flurry of posts
(or at the very least a slew)
about today's big acquisition.

in my opinion, it's _never_
a good thing for users when
adobe buys another company.


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oops, I've been busy offline. Will check it out.

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Ah, they bought Typekit.

Big surprise there.

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quick thinking, riccardo

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Online generators help ;-)

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Check the thread, starting it off with some obvious questions . . .

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Here I am. CET 03:31 hrs and nothing has been posted for 4 hours… Go figure.

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I wonder if it'll be possible to access typekit fonts within Photoshop… maybe on a subscription or something. Would be cool to preview fonts directly in photoshop and then buy the one we like.

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Would even be WAY more cool if PhotoShop finally got a glyph palette!

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>Would even be WAY more cool if PhotoShop finally got a glyph palette!

It always comes down to this. :-) the whole glyph palette thing is a distraction tactic, kind of like Apple not supporting cut and paste on the original iPhone. It's a "missing" feature designed to draw criticism away from other more serious issues. ;-) or maybe not.

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Whatever it is, Si, it is pathetic. Instead of calling it a Suite, they should call it "Two Men & a Boy"

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he he he…

typekit bought buy adobe

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