Opentype Export Problems

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Hi guys!
After a lot of months working on a typeface I tried to export it. There are however some opentype features that doesn't work well in some software.

Illustrator CS3 and InDesign CS3:
- Missing kern pairs
- small caps not working (small caps do work in InDesign CS3)
- superscript letters (this I don't know if I programed correctly. I've made for instance “a.sups”)

If anyone could help me that would be great.

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Not enough information: "export it" from what? As what? OTF? TTF?

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Yes, export as opentype font (OTF).

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The superscript letters are now working in illustrator but not in in design.
The kerning though is missing some pair in both illustrator and in Design but in the text editor they appear just fine.
Can't really get the reason of this problem?
Has anyone had anything similar?
Thanks again

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InDesign is sensitive to the language you assigned to your features. Perhaps the fault lies in there.

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The language is all set to default. Is this a problem?
But what really freaks me out is the fact that some kernings work and others don't (see image). How is this possible?

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Are you using class kerning? Are all the offending glyphs in their proper class? Is the left or right kerning check set properly? Have you updated kerning from Kerning Assistance menu?

From your picture, I can see that kerning n the left side of W and V is not working but it s on the right side. Check tat check box on the V/W kerning class.

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Ok I've overcome the kerning problem. It seems I had too much kern pairs in one single subtable, I divided it along other subtable and its now ok.

But Small Caps still doesn't work in Illustrator, It's just scaling down the Caps...
Any ideas?


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Small Caps was a Language problem!
Thank you so much Theunis!

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