Multiple dot suffixes in glyph names

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FontQA is reporting multiple errors (not merely warnings) with a face due to multiple dot suffixes (e.g. However, I'm unclear on why this should be a problem.

Is this something which I can safely ignore, or is it crucial that there be only one suffix per glyph name? I frequently use multiple suffixes and have never run into problems. Are there situations which I am unaware of where this could be problematic. It doesn't seem to violate any specs that I'm aware of.


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This is fine. The only thing to be aware of is that Adobe's name parsing will ignore everything after the first dot, which in this case would be correct.

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The public version of FontQA is rather old, and tends to be over-critical ;) Plus some tests reflect FontFont's internal standards. But even FontFonts are allowed to have multiple glyph name suffixes nowadays.

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Thanks John & Jens,

I was almost 100% sure that I was safe here, but thought I'd ask for confirmation.


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