Help ID lovely, classic sans


I've seen this typeface around for a long time and never been able to identify it. Now that I want to find an example, I can only find this header on this site:
He's a great illustrator anyway, so check out the great work. But thetype in quest is his name/header. The small x height and so exaggerated cap and ascender height is quite striking. Otherwise he is reminiscent of century gothic and the like.

Thanks in advance for taking any time with this!



In this case I would say modified Futura.

Maybe you had in mind the new clumsy-by-design geometric faces like Planeta et al.

Thanks a lot guys. I love Planeta, and gestalten fonts look great, so good find for me.
Neutraface 2 Display Bold is a very close match though, it could be the one.
Both are welcome alternatives to Futura, I am finding that it finally seems decidedly dated to me – just find it a lot harder to use lately as opposed to even a few years back (NonFormat manage to use it well though). Both of these alternatives assert a more modern presence whilst retaining the overal character you get with Futura, so I'll have to get at least one of these.