How to create a good font specimen?

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How to create a good font specimen?


How to create a good font specimen? (Surely, the font were good)

If you were type designer, please display sample(s) of your font specimen. Thanks :)


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One suggestion and one complaint about downloadable PDF specimens, from a tech writer.

Suggestion: More leading. Too many specimens have minimal leading, probably to put in as many sizes, weights and languages samples as possible. But make the typeface look the best that it can! Put a little extra leading in your text if that is what is necessary. Making your font look good is the whole point here.

Complaint about color, part 1: Do not put a fake parchment color behind the text samples. This pisses me off. When I print the PDF to see how the font reads on paper, what I want to see is how does the black ink look on paper. I do not want to see how the black ink looks on the fake parchment color you have inserted into the PDF.

Complaint about color, part 2: Keep the color ornamentation to a minimum. I do not want to waste my printer ink on a half page of wild red swirling something just so I can see what the text on the other half of the page looks like on paper.

Thanks, I feel better now.

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At the same time, I think it is important to show at least a few examples of the text set against a colored background or colored (other than black) text set against both a white and a colored background.