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Hey everyone,

I'm new here and new in graphic design, I'm currently going for my MFA in GR and still exploring but so far typography has been my favorite part. I'm still learning and would love to know more typefaces other than the common ones (as they are also tabooed in our department) I'm currently creating a mood board for a project in my type class and wanted some help in picking typefaces. The topic is a personal museum and I'm leaning towards a museum that displays the work of the UN and perhaps some snapshots from the developing countries to raise awareness and get more people to help. When I think of the UN conceptually I tend to think clean san serif typeface reflecting the pillars of the UN's work and how the sleek stems reflect the pillars which are the fundamental part of a building in this case, foundation. But also, when I think of it conceptually I think of serif as being roots of a tree that grows and produces something beautiful which in this case is people's help. I don't know if I'm thinking about it too much, but I would love some feedback, and type suggestions if that's possible. :) Thank you!


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Your going way to deep... No one's gonna associate serifs with the roots of trees.

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When I see a poster, I don't think about why a designer chose a particular face. I just ask whether it looks good.

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