What would you call this lettering style?

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This is a bit of an odd question. Several years ago I made a font based on some sketches made while looking at blueprints at the Canadian Center for Architecture. They were early 20th century, but I don't have a year, and do not have any other information about those blueprints. Now I'm looking for a way to keyword and describe this font and am a bit at a loss as to how to describe it. It seems to have influences from Art Deco and the Arts & Crafts movement, but wonder if there is any more exact terms/description I can use?

Montreal Architect lettering

Montreal Architect font

A closer look here: http://www.pixilate.com/fonts/montreal-architect

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Looking for keywords as to have it categorized on font sites, you mean?
Then I'd go for script or handwritten & have it named The Architect.

Just my 2c...

Cheers, JB

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Yes, for font sites. But I'm looking for something a bit more specific, if there is a more descriptive term for this type of lettering.

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I'm sure there is, but I'd say you'd play the game by their rules. If you can only choose from two or three so-so decriptions, but your font sells better having it listed _their_ way, it is what it is. I don't think 'blueprint' will be listen as a category...

If you would be able to indicate a time period on these sites, 'Jugendstil', 'Art Nouveau', 'Berlage' or 'Amsterdam School' comes to mind. But having a closer look -again- at your font (k, n, s, K, N 1, etc) I'd say yours is a bit less 'static'.

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Eccentric, Idiosyncratic or Slightly Wacky would also work as descriptive adjectives…

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It also looks like showcard lettering of the era, or movie (inter)titles, or comic-strip lettering.
Very jazz-age—syncopated.

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than ks guys, this is really helpful!

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‘Caption’ would be a viable tag, I guess. Combined with handlettering, drawings, scrapbook, photo album, shopcard, architect — you’d have it covered.

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And don't forget the serifs...

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thanks! i think i can get in a few keywords with your help.

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