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Please Help! I found this on a blog or general disscussion board in this website and would very much like to use it in my paper i am working on for schoool, but i can't seem to find the author. if this looks like your writing, would you mind if i quoted you in my paper. it works perfectly for "what not to do" (ethically) in design, it is a great example. i would like to give credit in my paper to the person who wrote it.

"Designers can play a huge role in society; most don't. Those designing for products that have a massive impact on the lives of people around the world, or those who get into the world of politics—which they often don't now, as the 24-hour news cycle has wiped out the time needed to work good design into politics—have to be careful about the ethical lines they might be crossing; I believe that most designers are doing quite well when it comes to ethical decision making. I think that this is in large part due to the glaring examples of what happens when designers go bad that we have left over from the twentieth century: all the great designers who worked tirelessly designing propaganda for the Nazi and Communist parties which then committed unconscionable acts against humanity that overshadow all other great evils of history."

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by James Puckett (

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