What is this blocky display type?

Is anyone able to identify what font this is, or if it's custom, anything similar or that it may be based on?


A similar one is Network - (c) 1995 Ethan Dunham - fonthead design
but the 'E' is different and there are no rounded corners.

You can also try hooge 05_55 Cyr2 by Nikolay Dubina

but 'M' is slightly different and there is also no rounded corners

Thanks fvilanakis. These are great.

Really, any variations on Architype Van Doesburg that people have come across would be great to see.

aweosme thanks riccard0

Similar ones:

DeStyle - Copyright 1994, T26, Chicago, I. Michael Polydoris - Designer
DeStijl - (c) 1995 P22 type fountry
Pardoes - Copyright (c) LeFly, 2006