Need Critique on Name Card

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I'm trying to get it Letterpress and Blind deboss for the line in the middle.. After all crazy design exploration, I ended up picking the simplest one.

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I'd get a bold or something similar somewhere, everything is a little bit too much on the same level. It's Garamond right? I always liked garamond.

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Thanks for your comment. Maybe I should bold the name? and It's actually Sabon, which looks just like Garamond.

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I quite like it, the calmness, is that what you are going for? Does that represent you personally and your business approach?
But i think you should place it upwards slightly. Now it seems to "fall down".

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I've just updated another design image. I felt like keeping less of decorative elements makes this name card look more professional for Therapist.. What do you think? Since It's just types..I feel nervous and not sure if this looks ok..

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I personally like lowercase for the email address. All caps just looks odd.

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It's a very nice card, considering that all the elements used in its design are simple and straightforward. I also agree that small letters work best for the email address and I think that your name should be emphasized just a little bit more. Otherwise, it's a really effective card for a therapist.

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How about this option?

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You really don't want to have "Master of Arts" appearing twice. If it's your degree, it probably shouldn't even be there once. It looks pompous and self-aggrandizing.

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Herb, the sample with the duplicate “Master of Arts” isn’t from the original poster.

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@ riccardo - You're right of course. My apologies to Klee.

- Herb

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Hi Klee

How did it end up - can you post a photo of the finished cards ?

- David

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