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hey guys
I have been trying to create a font which is based on futura and i could create all alphabets ( i used ellipse and rectangle tools only) but s. I am finding it very difficult to draw 's' shape.
Can anyone tell me how they draw their sans serif 's' shape?


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You should read this.

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Can anyone tell me how they draw their sans serif 's' shape?

I find the easiest thing to do is sketch it on paper and then redraw it on screen. But if you cannot draw…

Draw an ellipse, slightly higher than the center of the caps height, resting on the baseline. Copy/paste it, move the copy so that the top abuts the cap height. Chop each on in half, deleting the unnecessary side, and join then at the center of the s. Paste O in the background/mask and align the top and bottom of your s shape with the horizontal center of the horizontal of the O stoke. Now adjust the spine of the S so that it works without a point in the center. Stroke the S curve (make sure to leave the original around for when you want to start over), adjust weights where and as needed, and start tweaking.

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(esp. John Hudson's contribution)

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