fontlab vs fontographer

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the argument once again -- a colleague is designing and wants advice on which software to use...


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Simple... either one :-)

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FontLab has gone the way of Macromedia. Use Glyphs.

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If they have never worked with a font program start with Fontographer and move up to Fontlab. Glyphs is the newbie and is interesting but is not yet the industry standard like Fontographer or Fontlab.

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Will there be Glyphs available for any format other than Mac? Not everyone's a Mac owner or user...

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@glyphsapp said on Twitter (Oct 3): “Sadly can’t develop for Windows and have no resource to hire one to do it. So no Win version for now”.

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Both. There are some things Fontographer simply does better than FontLab, and vice versa—for me. Your needs and work habits may differ.

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