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Joined: 7 Oct 2011 - 5:35am

hey guys
i have been looking at some posts where people were talking about python.
i was wondering what do they actually do with python.
do they kern automatically or check their kerning using python.
or do they create glyphs using python.
if you use python can you please mention what you use it for and any relevant sources to learn python for fontlab( i have some programming experience(Matlab Fortran C))


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Joined: 3 Dec 2001 - 11:00am

Here's an old discussion on Typographica that seems relevant to your question:

The discussion is about RoboFab, a Python library that can be added to FontLab to make it easier to script. In particular, some of the comments are from type designers telling how they use scripting in font development.

(The Typographica article is old, and unfortunately the images seem to be broken.)