I need a free font that looks like this for a poster please help

I need it to be FREE thank you and if possible a link to where i can get it or at least the Name


any images or a link?
(reduce you image file size to e.g. 50KB if you have problems attaching it,
by reducing the JPG image quality)

The blue font that says They've been dying to meet you

AND the orange font that says HAUNTED MANSION

Ignore the milk thing

The text "They've been dying to meet you"
must be Eckmann - URW Software, Copyright 1994 by URW
(or EckmannD, EckmannEF)

For the "HAUNTED MANSION" you can try the following;
they are all very similar but none is exact:

Disney Haunted Mansion 1 - (c) DayDreamer, Ltd 2006
Ravenscroft - Copyright (c) TombSweetTomb.com, 2001.
Mansion - v2.0 (c) 1997 by David Occhino for Treehouse Graphic Design

As suggested by fvilanakis, should be Ravenscroft . Some more similars for "Haunted Mansion": Mac Beth (design is close though not enough condensed), Solotype Goodfellow and Excelsis and Haunted Mouse (free as well).