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We're working on creating a not-for-all-that-much-profit publication on design and typography called FORM_SUBSTANCE (which also happens to be the name of our font foundry and design agency). It will likely be a tabloid-sized newsprint publication, 2-color, and we're shooting for a 3-5,000 copy circulation for starters. Born out of a love of equal parts typography, graphic design and publication design, our influences (visually and thematically) will include EMIGRE, PLAZM, RAYGUN, SPEAK, EYE, TRACE (AIGA)... Content will range from the practical and/or theoretical to the conceptual and/or abstract, a mixture of Photoshop collage, "typographics," vectors and clean editorial with generous white space. Design for design's sake, design for designers who love design and see it as art, but still for designers who are also practicing professionals. We're hoping a good chunk of our advertisers will be type foundries, as I think we're all sick of fuzzy web gif samples.

If you're interested in helping, contributing, advertising, being profiled/featured in the first issue, want to know more, want to tell us it won't work, want to tell us we're crazy for trying, please email us here:

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