Restaurant -logo script.

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I'm drawing a logoscript for an italian restaurant.
Any feedback is welcome.

Restaurant -script

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I have some problems with the initials, the D is too round and C too closed. If i squint my eyes it reads like almost as "Oon Oorleone".
The combination D-o looks tight.
Perhaps the upward stroke of "l" should join?
Perhaps the joining stroke between o and r could do a deeper "dive"? The large white space under the r looks a bit problematic.

Even if I'm complaining I like the overall feel a lot.

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Why the 'C' is not connected with 'orleone' ?
The 'r' is too wide.
Ihana logo, mina rakastan muista safka :-)

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I like it, and have no problem with the "C" but the lc "r" is odd. The initial "D" is nice but needs to have some extra appeal, it is too plain for being the initial letter, also it looks like a reflected "C".

Everything else is good for me.

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Thanks for the comments, it's just what I needed and you made good points in there. Your finnish-skills are pretty impressing Alessandro!

I fixed the space between "o" and "r" and made the stroke between them dive a bit more and i think it works better now.
Also fixed the "D" and the space after it. Here's the updated version:

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Kool like a viilipytty !
Ja kitti fo' my Suomea.
I miss puu-sauna so much :-(
I have been living near Kontula,
in Helsinki, there was a ravintola
called Don Angelo :-)
Moi moi !

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Much nicer =)

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I 'd try a version where lowercase "l" and "e" have a direct ligature with the character that has before but I m not so sure about the "l"
Anyway I see that that you have "C o r" with more white space than "corleone". I think the real problem is in the "r"
Some of the inner forms like in the "o" will be not visible in small reductions oof the logo or in lowest print quality. (specially 2nd "o").
The left leg of the "n" is too close to the "o"
Sorry for the bad english :-)

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New version:

New version

the initial D is not final.

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