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Hi all,

I'm working on my own identity and decided to challenge myself with my first script signature.
I initially drew this and then scanned and traced it. It directly translates to "In the wind" which is something I wanted to show in the typography.

I have a few things in mind that I think need to be fixed:
-I dont think the weight is consitent, I am wondering where I should thicken or thin, I think I should aim for thicker since it will be used as a logo. I think my first letters work better.
-I'm not sure about the thickness of the l to the right, is my t too thin? etc, etc.

I'd appreciate any input you can give me.
I attached both .jpg and .swf files.

Thanks for your time,

application/x-shockwave-flashDans le vent signature
danslevent1.swf (2.6 k)

Dans le vent signature

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i'll let others pipe in with a more technical critique, but i just have to say that i love the feeling of "spontenaiety." I think it goes very well with your meaning of "in the wind."
I think you have a fairly good feel for your thicks and thins, just take a look at your letters and try to make sure that they have a (somewhat) consitent axis concerning your thicks and thins. Also it seems to me that the "Dans le" part is plenty heavy while the "vent" part is a bit lighter. However, I think i like the "vent" better than what precedes it. Anyhow, enough of my rambling... G'luck with it! Oh and perhaps you might want to duplicate your above post to the "Logos Critique" section, there are some great eyes that haunt that section, dunno if they'll find your posting here.

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Here is an update,

I wasn't sure at first about Paul's comment for thinning but after messing with it, I was more convinced. I think it will help improve legibility at small sizes which is nice. I worked on thinning the letters and getting more uniformity with my thick and thins, baseline and heights. I also tried to change the s a bit so it wouldn't look like a "y" (got the comment from 2 people now).

I know this needs more work, any other pointers would be very appreciated :-)

Dans le vent signature

application/x-shockwave-flashDans le vent signature
danslevent4.swf (2.7 k)

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Hmm. This thread seems to be blowing in the wind in two places. I made my comment over here.

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From now on I'll post my updates in the logo section as I think more people hang out there :-)

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